Thank you for your interest! As an affiliate in the Rigan Machado BJJ Association you will be a member of one of the most respected and known BJJ Associations in the world. Our goal is to give our affiliates the knowledge and ability to become successful school owners, provide a proven curriculum, Association merchandise, certified Rank advancement, yearly Seminars and Instructor Meetings, as well as unite all Rigan Machado affiliate schools under Master Rigan Machado.

Affiliate Schools will also be listed on our Association Website, recognizing them as an official Rigan Machado School. Affiliate School Owners will receive wholesale prices on official Rigan Machado kimonos, apparel, merchandise, and more!

Your School events, announcements, seminars, accomplishments, etc will also be posted on the official Rigan Machado Facebook page, allowing your School to network with other Rigan Machado Affiliate Schools!

Requirements of an Official Rigan Machado BJJ Affiliate:

  • Monthly Fee (Cost will be provided upon follow up interview)
  • Must have business location where classes are offered
  • Must pass a Criminal Background Check (Details in follow up interview)
  • Must have web-based presence showing Affiliation with Association
  • Must follow the Association Belt Rank Requirements
  • Must follow the Association Rules and Regulations
  • Must follow the Association Rules of Etiquette
  • Must attend at least ONE Seminar or Camp with Master Rigan Machado per year